Twerking Racoons

Twerking Racoons

March 29, 2015

Twerking Racoons Dance Party Electrical Innovation

At Newcastle Electrician Services we are always on the lookout for innovation. Home automation is fast gaining popularity for its simplicity of use and time saving options, with technology so simple, a bunch of racoons can use it!   The racoons at this dance party show us just how easy operation is.    The home automation advertisement with twerking racoons from our friends at Clipsal demonstrates effortless operation of an entire home of electrical appliances, while dancing raccoon style! Simple style and ease of use is what our customers are looking for when they choose to have home automation installed by a licensed electrician.

Twerking Electricians? Perhaps best left to the racoons, but judging by what we see we wouldn’t be surprised to find your pets enjoying the benefits of intuitive home automation operation at the touch of a paw!

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