Test and Tag

Test and Tag

At Newcastle Electrician Services we test and tag appliances to reduce electrical shock and fire risk. Testing and tagging appliances is recommended for all businesses looking to safeguard the health and safety of staff, and comply with current safety regulations.

At Newcastle Electrician Services:

  • We visually inspect the appliance, plug in leads and cords and ensure the appliance has no obvious faults.


  • We use modern equipment and perform a series of tests on the appliances such as insulation, earth continuity, polarity and an earth leakage tests.


  • We tag to identify the item as safe and compliant to current electrical safety standards.


  • We specify a re-testing date and provide documentation by a licensed electrical contractor.


By testing and tagging your appliances you can ensure that you and your staff are kept safe and the highest OHS standards are achieved and maintained.  Many faults are not obvious to the untrained eye and that is where a licensed electrician can help avoid potential hazards.

At Newcastle Electrician Services we test and tag appliances in the greater Newcastle and Lake Macquarie areas.  Our competitive rates and prompt, reliable service means we offer a service you can depend on.

Ensure your office or business is safe with a test and tag service from the experts.

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