Installation of Electrical Switches

There is nothing new about using switches in our homes, so naturally we assume there is not much to know about switches.  In fact, there is more to the humble switch than meets the eye. We are accustomed to regular light switches, fan switches and powerpoint switches commonly found in homes. When it comes to light switches, there are options for multiple switches other than the regular single variety.

Single pole switches control one or multiple lights from a single location and is the most commonly installed switch, often with a positive “on” indicator.  The latest in switch innovation has a small LED indicator light that can be wired to illuminate when the light is either “on” or “off”.  Single pole switches may be wired to a second switch for controlling single or multiple lights from two locations, hence the name, two-way switching.

Three way or more switching is achievable, allowing control of single or multiple lights from three or more separate locations.  It is achieved with the use of double pole double throw switches between single pole switches wired in a two-way configuration. Whilst appearing to look the same, they are generally used in locations with multiple entries and are very handy in large homes and buildings, particularly double storey buildings and long hallways.

For the convenience of switching the lights on from one room and off from another, why not consider two-way switching? Newcastle Electrician Services install two-way switches for both indoor and outdoor applications. They are are a convenient, time and energy saving solution for your home or business.

Have you ever walked away and later realised (after you climbed the stairs or walked a reasonable distance) that you forgot to turn the light off?  Installing two-way switching can eliminate this frustration.  As with all electrical work, multiple switching installation is definitely a job for a licensed electrician.

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