Sunset Switches

Sunset Switches

Installation of Sunset Switches outdoor lighting automation

Sunset Switches are automatic lighting that will switch on when lighting levels drop and adjust with seasonal changes. With sunset switches you can expect to enjoy energy saving benefits of up to 20% or alternatively for a tailored solution, program lighting for the times you want it and save on your energy consumption with the built in timer.

Automation is great for energy efficiency and best of all it remembers when you forget.  Sunset switches use the sun to automate outdoor lights, doing the job perfectly at the right time, every time.  When the seasons change and sunset and sunrise times alter there is no need to do anything, sunset switches do all the work for you, sensing and adjusting as required leaving you free to get on with doing the things you enjoy. Providing real convenience for daylight saving and seasonal changes.  Newcastle Electrician Services stock only the best switches and can discuss installation options today.

Photo-sensitive electronic control & passive infra red scanning devices.

Photo-sensitive electronic control utilises a light-dependant resistor (LDR) which generally activates a relay after a 60 second delay which is to avoid nuisance triggering from reflected light from passing vehicles. Optimum mounted location is South facing as direct light reduces lifespan of the sensor. Lighting from other sources pointed directly at the sensor could also effect the operation however these PE Cell’s are best suited for outdoor applications and NES can advise you on suitability and location.

Passive infra red (PIR) sensors detect movement of hot or cold objects and are suitable for indoor and outdoors.  PIR’s are not affected by the proximity of the light it is switching however large animals or passing vehicles will activate the unit.

Not only is outdoor lighting practical, it is always safer to have well lit outdoor areas.  If safety is a concern, sunset lighting can provide the peace of mind you need.  Having well lit outdoor areas, particularly for pathways, entrances and carparks can deter would-be prowlers and make walking outside after dark safer, particularly for the elderly.

If you are thinking about installing sunset switching then call a professional for the job, always trust only a licensed electrician.  Newcastle Electrician Services are experienced installers of sunset switching and can have yours installed for you before the next sunset!  Why not call us today to discuss your outdoor lighting automation options.  Let us install your new set and forget sunset switch so that you and start enjoying the benefits sooner.

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