Smoke alarm testing and installation

Smoke alarm testing and installation

Smoke alarms save lives and property.

In NSW smoke alarms are mandatory in all new and existing homes. For new homes smoke alarms must be mains powered and installed only by a licenced Electrician.

Newcastle Electrician Services install smoke alarms that meet Australian Standards for quality and performance standard AS 3786. We install and test smoke alarms, for safety and peace of mind.

Fire Facts

Most fatal fires happen at night when people are asleep.
Flames account for the structural damage in a home but it is the fumes and smoke that does the most damage to people. The majority of fatal fires are caused by electrical faults, smoking materials such as smoking ash or heaters and open fires. Smoke alarms save lives by detecting fire earlier.

From July 1996 to June 2004, 412 people were killed in 366 fatal residential fires. In cases where it was known if a smoke alarm was installed a staggering 14% had non-working alarms and 55% had no alarm at all. Your safety is our highest priority. Newcastle Electrician Services recommend the safest solutions for your home or business.

Our expert trained Electricians can help you sleep easier by installing a smoke alarm to match your safety needs.

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