Safety Switches

Safety Switches

Safety Switch Installation 

Newcastle Electrician Services install safety switches at the switchboard to protect lighting and power circuits and save lives.

Royal Commission recommendations following the deaths of three workers during the home insulation program has again raised the importance safety switches for preventable deaths. Around 15 Australians are killed and 300 hospitalised every year as a result of preventable electrical accidents.  With current campaigns directed to the State and Federal Government requesting a rollout of legislation making safety switches mandatory, it is probably a matter of time before safety switches become a legal requirement but why wait for legislation to change?  We recommend installation of safety switches in every home.

How does a Safety Switch work?

An RCD (residual-current device or safety switch) is an electrical device that disconnects a circuit when detection of an electric current is not balanced between the active conductor and the return neutral conductor. This imbalance may indicate current leakage through the body of a person who is grounded and also in contact with the active conductor. RCD’s are designed to disconnect quickly enough to prevent injury caused by such shocks which could otherwise prove fatal. A safety switch will detect current loss from the circuit and cut the electricity supply in as little as 30 milliseconds, that’s 0.03 of a second! The importance of this response time is that it is faster than a heartbeat. They are not intended however to provide protection against overload current conditions. This where an RCBO (combination safety switch) provides additional protection.

If your home or place of business has been around long enough to have additional lighting and power points added over the years, it is likely that the standard circuit protection existing in your home would not detect the overloading of the circuits which can cause cabling in the ceiling and walls to become brittle with excessive heat over time with overloading. This is where an RCBO or combination safety switch could be installed for the RCD protection plus over current and short circuit conditions.

Not sure if the wiring in your current appliances are faulty or are deteriorating?  Don’t gamble on the safety of your home and loved ones, install a safety switch today.

To provide maximum protection, safety switches must be installed by a licensed Electrician. With the large variety of appliances on the market today, safety switches are more important than ever before.

The simple fact is safety switches save lives and prevent electrical shocks and electrocution.  Installation is a relatively inexpensive and provides safety and peace of mind. If you are unsure if you have safety switches installed on every circuit in your home call Newcastle Electrician Services to inspect your switchboard and make sure your home is safe from electrical hazard.

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