Powerpoint Installation

Powerpoint Installation

Powerpoint Installation

Modern homes have more electrical appliances than ever before, making the humble powerpoint a sought after commodity.  When it comes to powerpoints there never seems to be enough.  A common mistake is to overload powerpoints with adaptors and powerboards.  Did you know piggybacking two or more adapters poses a firerisk?  Overloading powerpoints is simply not worth the safety risk.  Newcastle Electrician Services can install the powerpoints you need safely by a Licensed Electrician.

For an innovative solution, we like the popular USB charging point powerpoints for the convenience of charging your ipad, smartphone, iphone, MP3, MP4 and other media devices from the powerpoint.  The USB powerpoint is fast becoming the powerpoint of choice for many homes.

No more fighting over the charger or looking for the elusive charger.  Simply plug in the USB cord direct to the powerpoint. Best of all, it is the fastest way to charge media devices and two devices can be charged simultaneously!

If it is extra protection you are seeking, then surge protected powerpoints are a great idea for reducing the risk of damage to electronic equipment.  Surge protection devices absorb voltage surges, or spikes, minimizing damage to your equipment.

For outdoor solutions there are weatherproof powerpoints.  They are especially designed for outdoor use and provide a safe option for powerpoint installation where water and moisture may present a problem.  Outdoor powerpoints are handy for outdoor entertaining areas and plug in outdoor appliances.  At Christmas time they come in handy for the outdoor Christmas lights and lamps.

If you are looking for the safest powerpoint option around young children, we recommend powerpoints featuring internal safety shutters.  They contain an added safety barrier to prevent debris and object insertion in the point.  For added protection we also recommend safety switches for their life saving capacity, preventing injury and providing peace of mind.

With the recent introduction of several new ranges there are many colours, styles, finishes and charging options, providing more choice than ever before.   There is a powerpoint to suit every décor from modern to traditional and even metallic finishes.  Ask us about the new soft touch options for a unique designer finish.

Today the humble powerpoint has been transformed into a minor home celebrity with all new functionality, style and decorator options.  Newcastle Electrician Services can help make selection easy with a free colour and style consultation. We can supply and install your new powerpoints at your convenience.  Call us today for a free quote and expert advice.

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