Level 2 Electrician

Level 2 Electrician

Level 2 Electrician Newcastle

NES is an Accredited Level 2 ASP for categories 1 and 4

Are you building a new home? Newcastle Electrician Services can help you with a new connection to the electricity network. Extensions and renovations to an existing home? Solar panels to be installed? You may require upgrading the electricity supply and associated metering.

Level 2 Electrician, Category 1 – Point of Attachment


Level 2 Electrician, category 1 authorises NES to disconnect/reconnect & carry out repairs at the point of attachment. This is where the incoming main power cables attach to the building. The ‘consumer mains’ then run down to the meter box. Sometimes the point of attachment connections or the consumers mains itself require replacement or repair. This can leave you without power. NES can help you in an emergency!


Level 2 Electrician Newcastle - Defect

Power disconnected by Ausgrid after a HWS failed

Level 2 Electrician, Category 4 – Metering

A Level 2 Electrician Category 4 authorises NES to alter, replace, remove or add metering. Common scenarios include a switchboard relocation due to extensions, upgrade from single to three phase supply or connection of a new PV solar system.

Accumulation meters can be electromechanical or electronic. The electronic accumulation meters have a digital display that shows the total kWh. Unfortunately setting the dishwasher to operate at midnight will cost the same as it would at any other time of the day. If this digital display shows the date and time you have in fact a ToU meter (below)

Interval meters (also known as Time of Use Meters) record how much electricity is used every 30 minutes. This provides a more detailed look at your energy consumption. With different electricity rates for usage at different times of the day. (Depending on you retail electricity tariff) incentives to reduce your electricity demand during peak times could be applicable.


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