Hot Water Systems

Hot Water Systems

One of the most used electrical appliances in most homes is the hot water service and when it is not working it can be a real headache!  If you have a problem with your old, or want to install a new hot water system and need electricity supply, trust the experts at Newcastle Electrician Services to get the job done.  We are the experts at emergency hot water services in the Newcastle and greater Lake Macquarie regions.

We can identify any existing faults and offer advice on how to reduce your energy consumption and save money. There are many hot water systems to choose from: electric heated with an element, continuous flow (instantaneous) hot water systems that heat water as it passes through a heat exchanger, to solar or gas options and heat pump options that use energy from the surrounding air to heat water.

For troubleshooting and expert advice on all electrical hot water system components, our licensed electricians can be at your door fast.

We recommend having your hot water service inspected because it is an appliance that is often taken for granted until there is an issue, it can also be very costly if there is leakage and can potentially waste energy and water and increase your power bill.

Newcastle Electrician Services will replace existing hot water units or replacement of elements and thermostats in existing units in the event of failure. We can even pick up from the retailer, deliver, replace and dispose of the old unit, saving you the time and hassle. Call us today or click for a quote on our website.

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