Dimmer Switch

Dimmer Switch

Dimmer Switch Installation

Dimmer switches provide you with the control to create the atmosphere you want.  Many modern rooms are multifunctional spaces, making it beneficial to have the option to adjust lighting intensity.  Let our experienced Electricians at Newcastle Electrician Services help you create lighting effects that are both practical and stylish.

Available in a wide range of colours and styles, dimmer switching can also help you save money.  Often lighting is not needed at maximum brightness and having the option to turn down the lights can help reduce energy consumption. Dimmer switches also extend the life of your lamps, reducing the need to change them as frequently.

The latest in dimmer technology has arrived from HPM in the all-in-one switch and push-button dimmer.  Traditional multiple switches have the dimmer controller separate from the light switch.  This ingenious all in one device allows for simplicity of use, functional indicator lighting, sleek design and enables installation of 6 dimmer mechanisms to be installed on a standard 6 gang plate.

Available in white, cream, black and matt silver (with either white or black trim) there is sure to be a colour option to suit your taste and décor.  Push button dimmers can also be retrofitted in many instances into existing fittings, making upgrading easier.

Let the experts at Newcastle Electrician Services talk to you about  suitability of lighting for your new dimmer switching.  There are flicker and noise free options, short circuit protection, over temperature protection and soft start options that turn the light on gradually to increase lamp life.

As with all electrical work, dimmer switches must be fitted by a licensed electrician.  We are happy to provide a free quote and expert advice to help you enjoy your new dimmable lighting sooner.  Call us today!

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