Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are one of the top energy saving solutions for your home.  Ceiling fans provide a practical and attractive solution for energy efficient temperature control.  A little known fact is that ceiling fans can be used all year round. Installing reverse sweeping fans means you can use fans in the winter and summer months.  In the winter months when the warm air circulates near the ceiling, fans with a reverse motion sweep the air from the ceiling down into the room.  The result is increased heating efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

In the warmer months ceiling fans are a great alternative to air conditioning.  Ceiling fans use much less power than conventional air conditioning .  Many prefer to use fans because of the increased air movement.  Another option is to use both the air conditioner and the fan simultaneously, cutting running costs by up to 40%.  When used in addition to heating in winter, saving up to 10% in heating costs.  Another advantage of fans is that they are relatively quiet.

Newcastle Electrician Services install ceiling fans in a wide range of finishes and styles from 3, 4 or 5 blade fans with stainless, powder coat, wood or traditional styling.  Installation of fans is more complex than it first appears and it is definitely a job for a licensed and experienced electrician.  There many considerations before installing a ceiling fan.

Step 1 would be to assess and measure the area and decide on the position of the fan in the room and the exact location for installation.  The correct downrod also needs to be considered for tall ceilings.  Proximity to lighting is also assessed.

Step 2 involves building the fan, and having the know-how can make this step much faster.  We recommend leaving this task to your electrician. In the event that there are any missing or faulty parts your electrician can identify any issues before installation, saving you time and money.

Step 3 is where the electrician uses specialised skill and the right tools to install the ceiling fan.  Though it might be tempting and some reason simple to install a ceiling fan yourself, be assured it is a job that requires specialised skills and equipment.  Many tasks can be performed with the humble screwdriver alone but ceiling fan installation is not one of them!  Leave it to the experts at Newcastle Electrician Services to install your ceiling fan.  Call us today for a free quote and expert advice on your ceiling fan installation.

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